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My Professional Services

All prices are starting points, additional cost when extra time or color are needed.  Adding a haircut to a color service may also increase cost.

Balayage Highlights


Balayage is french for the word 'sweep'.   I sweep and paint the color onto the hair, creating a sun-kissed and lived-in color look.  When you schedule a balayage, you have the option to do a halo around the face, a partial around the face and top, or a full which is all over.



Using foils, lightness is placed strategically to accent your cut, style, and best features.  Partial highlights are around the top of the head, and around the face, while full highlights are all over.

Double Process Color


A double process color is when the hair is lightened and then a second step is taken to create the new tone with a gloss.

Retouch color


Retouch color is a one step color to cover white hair, lighten, brighten, or deepen the hair.  Extra cost may be added when extra color is used, or when color needs to be applied to the midlengths and ends of the hair.



Toner is a great service to freshen up highlights or balayage in between lightening treatments.  Adding shine, condition, and tone to the hair, this service also includes a style.

Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment


Smooth Rituals eliminates frizz, softens the hair, and reduces styling time.  Formadlehyde free!!

Extension Application


This is the initial application of extensions.  The hair has already been ordered during the extension consultation, and paid for.  The hair is shampooed and dried, and then the tape-in extensions are applied.  the style is created, including a blending cut.

Extension Re-attachment


In this service, we remove the extensions, and then wash and dry your hair.  The extensions are re-tabbed and put back in your hair, then styled and cut (if needed).

Long length Haircut


The hair is shampooed, conditioned, cut and styled.  This is for hair lengths below shoulders, when extra time is needed.

Medium Length Haircut


Custom haircut created for lengths of hair at or around the lengths of the sholders. Shampoo, conditioning, and styling included.

Short Haircut


Haircut designed for shorter hair using scizzors, clippers, or razor. Shampoo, conditioning and style included.

Child Haircut


This is perfect for kids who need grown-up attention with style.  The hair is either washed and conditioned, or sprayed, depending on the child.  The custom haircut is styled and dried (if the child allows).

Blow dry


The hair is shampooed, conditioned, and styled.  once the hair is dry, and iron can be used to enhance or reduce waves or curls.

Conditioning treatment or shine shot


These treatments can be added to any other service to help heal your hair, keep it in good condition, or add shine.  Three levels of treatments available depending on the hair condition.

Bride Hair


Formal finishing for the special day.  This includes an in-salon trial style, and an on-location style for the day of.

On Location Updo/Formal Hairstyle


Make getting ready for that special event less stressful, by having the hair done at your location.

Updo/Formal Hairstyle (in-salon)


Formal hair for your next event.

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